Group Pension Services

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to providing unparalleled service and expertise in the area of group pension planning.

Plan Design

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate and cost effective retirement plan.

Regulatory Compliance

We will assist the company in meeting fiduciary and legislative responsibilities such as adherence to Capital Accumulation Plans (“CAP”) Guidelines.

Plan Reviews

We will review your pension programs regularly to assess the investment performance and ensure the plan continues to meet the company’s objectives. 

Educational Seminars

We will provide educational seminars to help your employees make informed decisions regarding their investment choices.

Individual Planning

We will conduct one-on-one investment counseling meetings with interested plan members.  In doing so, we take into account the differing needs of executives and owners in developing a comprehensive financial plan.

Retirement Planning

We will provide individual consultations for plan members to ease the transition to retirement.  Our successful management of this process has resulted in most employees selecting our company to oversee their investment portfolios through their retirement years.

Ongoing Support

We will provide the plan administrators with the materials, services and support they need to implement and manage the retirement plan efficiently.  Moreover, we encourage plan members to contact our office for questions regarding their investment portfolio.